Lecture    UT1943
Standard Substation Circuits in AutoCAD Electric
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In this class, you learn to create standard (plates) circuits in AutoCAD Electrical software for substations. We cover how to use options in AutoCAD Electrical to insert blocks of standards to complete substation design in a quick, standard, and accurate way. We demonstrate the linking of parts in an assembled circuit, how to add options in a timely manner, and complete your design using all the tools that AutoCAD Electrical has to offer.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Establish a utility standard for circuit templates using a multi-level device ideology in AutoCAD Electrical
  • Create standard devices for a utility that can be used in greenfield and brownfield stations and applied to standard engineering designs in circuits
  • Create new or take advantage of existing standard engineering designs in AutoCAD Electrical circuits
  • Establish a standard library and selection process for end users to effectively select the correct engineering standard circuits in AutoCAD Electrical



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