Industry Talk    CS500186
Bridge the Construction/Manufacturing Gap with Inventor Product Templates
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Construction professionals are often burdened with the repetitive work involved in creating mechanical product templates for use by design and construction. By shifting from a “creating projects” to a “creating products” mindset, business logic and fabrication rules can be used to impact and influence the construction process. In this session, we will use relevant examples and a multitude of best practice tips to show you how you can do this successfully. An actual Autodesk customer will also join this session to share insights and experiences from their journey toward smarter and more scalable, repeatable processes.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Learn how to create a more collaborative working relationship between designers’ Revit and manufacturers’ Inventor
  • Learn how to successfully start looking at prefabrication as a product and not a project
  • Learn how to build product templates that you can reuse on every relevant project
  • See this process in action and learn Autodesk’s best practices for template building



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