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Building Handover with Autodesk Building Ops
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Autodesk Building Ops is a mobile-first asset and maintenance management solution for buildings and an IoT application. It helps general contractors to deliver a better handover experience. For building owners, Building Ops helps them begin operations on day one and better meet the needs of their mobile workforce. In this class, you will learn how to help building owners realize the value of BIM in construction by using Autodesk Building Ops. We will publish equipment from BIM 360 Field and set up preventive maintenance schedules to better service warranty requests. Finally, we will show you how to connect a building in Building Ops with one monitored with Panoramic Power sensors.

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  • Learn how to prepare and publish your BIM 360 data to deliver a better handover experience for your building owner
  • Set up asset preventive maintenance schedules to better service warranty requests
  • Explore opportunities for contractors to offer expanded services to owners
  • Learn how to use Autodesk Building Ops



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