Lecture    SE6636
Say Goodbye to Paper: Using Revit in a Digital Shop Model Review Process
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This class covers the use of Revit Structure software in a workflow designed to share the engineer's model directly with a fabricator for downstream use. It is a natural step to be able to take models to the next level by using them in a digital review process, and this class will show how paper-based shop drawing review can be minimized, if not altogether eliminated. We will present a case study that describes how a digital shop model approval process was used in lieu of the traditional paper shop drawing process, and we will see the value experienced on the project. This class will also touch on best practices and limitations, and it will show attendees how to create a checklist that will enable a project to utilize models as part of the shop drawing review process.

Key Learnings

  • Discover effective practices for sharing models produced in Revit software with downstream users
  • Learn how to prepare checklists that are critical to a streamlined shop model approval process
  • Understand the limitations to a digital shop model review process and learn how to address them
  • Learn how to create a workflow using Revit software alongside with third-party communication programs




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