Lecture    MP1304
Revit MEP in the Process Project World
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When Revit software first hit the market, users thought the best place for it would be in the architect world, doing simple, cookie-cutter buildings. Who would have thought that it could turn out to be a powerful modeler for non-traditional buildings, such as process plants, water treatment plants, or wastewater treatment plants. In this class, we discuss how the MEP tools in Revit benefit these types of jobs; how to work with your content providers to get the best representation possible; how to get more value from BIM models in other products, such as Autodesk® Simulation-based software; and how to position the BIM model to your client and their contractor. Learn what it takes to be competitive in this market with Revit as your primary modeling tool, and do it efficiently.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Describe how Revit MEP tools are used in process and water resource projects
  • Define and edit manufacturer-based content for efficiency and accuracy for a design project
  • Make full use of BIM models with external analysis and simulation software
  • Define BIM projects to maximize owner and contractor benefits



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