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Publish and Manage 2D PDFs in Vault 2018
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In the latest release, Vault data management software introduced the capability to automatically publish and share 2D PDFs of drawings during the release process. In this class, we'll explore the different aspects of this new functionality. We'll take you through the steps to correctly set up this publishing process in Vault and show you the different publish options. The PDF format of a 2D design file is used in many firms to facilitate communications among engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and other departments. We'll also teach you how to let users outside your engineering department access the PDFs for printing and other workflows. This session will feature Vault Professional data management software and Vault Workgroup, including the use of the Vault Job Processor.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Discover the new automated PDF publishing capabilities in Vault 2018
  • Learn how to set up the publishing of 2D PDFs during the release process
  • Explore the different options for publishing PDFs of AutoCAD and Inventor drawings
  • Learn how to control access rights, property mapping, naming, and revisioning of the published PDFs




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