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An AEC Design Firm's Journey Through VGPU Technology for Global Collaboration
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Learn about the benefits that virtualization provides for an architecture and engineering design firm, while taking a journey through the advancements in virtualization technology it took to finally meet our design software’s graphics-intensive needs. Our primary design tool is Revit software, in which team members work together on single files. We'll share our experiences regarding how virtualization empowers a large company, with more than 15 offices and 1,000 people worldwide, to collaborate and work as a single firm. We'll show some cost comparisons with virtualization, along with their management benefits and requirements. We'll also look at the methods we used to set and test metrics specific to our requirements, and follow the results of those metrics through the changes in graphics virtualization technology.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Discover the benefits of using vGPUs in your environment
  • Learn about the cost savings of a centralized data center
  • Learn how vGPU-powered VDIs are used by a large firm
  • Understand global collaboration using vGPU with a centralized data center



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