Lecture    CI2848
New Civil BIM Workflows Using InfraWorks, ReCap, and the Infrastructure Design Suite
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This class shows you how to use InfraWorks software to create highly realistic and accurate context models for civil infrastructure projects that support a more efficient, productive, and collaborative design workflow. The class shows how to aggregate a variety of data sources in InfraWorks such as geospatial information, LiDAR data using ReCap software, design data from AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software, and 3D models from Revit® and 3ds Max® software. Use ReCap to preprocess LiDAR data for other Autodesk applications. The class shows several real-world infrastructure projects where InfraWorks was used to support design and communication.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Incorporate a variety of data sources into InfraWorks models
  • Explain and use the basic tools in InfraWorks
  • Use InfraWorks to support communication and design objectives
  • Use ReCap to prepare point cloud data for other applications



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