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Automatic Cooling Circuit Generation for Injection Molding
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The time it takes to cool an injection mold can often represent a large portion of the cycle time. If we can improve the cooling circuit layouts within the mold tool, then we can reduce cycle times, improve part quality, and maximize profits. In this presentation, we will discuss a novel optimization tool for fully automating the design, simulation, and optimization of the conformal cooling channels in plastic injection mold tools, using the Moldflow cooling simulation software. We'll show how you can use the software to test and improve existing designs, and how technologies like 3D printing (of the cooling circuits) can be used to significantly improve the mold tool performance, while including hybrid additive, drill, and plug manufacturing constraints.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Learn how to create high-performance cooling channels for injection mold tools
  • Discover the advantages of 3D-printed conformal cooling circuit cw. traditional designs
  • Discover the advantages and impact of optimal cooling layouts cw traditional designs
  • See the state of the art for conformal cooling design



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