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Legacy Data Analysis on Web with Forge - Cost Prediction in Initial Design Stage.
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The class presents cost management strategy using web based system that includes Forge.
In the system, we focused to analyze legacy project data interactively for on-going project with Machine Learning Algorithm In an attempt of 5D BIM.
It supports decision-making of cost control at the initial design stage when Revit model don't have detail object for estimation.
By improving quality of cost estimate in initial design stage, it is easy to manage the cost within target budget through project.
We will focus on as billow;
a. How to get past project data interactively through WebAPI of internal system.
b. How to get and share on-going project data with "Data management API " and "Viewer" of Forge.
c. Data analysis techniques for cost estimation of on-going project using "scikit-learn" that is machine learning library in Python.
d. Data cycle system to improve quality of analysis, constantly.
This session will explore the above technique as it has been used for actual building projects.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Describe effective cost management workflow at initial design stage for BIM project.
  • Strategy of Utilization legacy project data with WebAPI of internal systems.
  • Picking up the data of on-going project on Web using Forge.
  • Data Analysis method for decision-making with “Scikit-learn” that is library of Python.



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