Di., 03.11.2020 - 10:03 2017 LO-DM11 London Factory Design and Workflows with Multipond


With the industry changing at such a rapid pace, it was important for Multipond to move from using Autodesk Inventor Professional to the Factory Design Suite and future-proof the design process, in line with the future of manufacturing approach. This presentation will go through why and how Multipond’s UK project manager implemented Factory Design Suite into the business with their already complex Multihead Weighing series production lines. Multipond's Steve Sutherland will take the class through an in-depth, firsthand look at how Factory has impacted the Multipond design process, followed by a workflow presentation by Marc Pattinson covering Factory layouts and Navisworks using the Multipond completed dataset.
This class provides an in-depth look at how Factory Design Suite has impacted Multipond design with a demo covering Factory using a Multipond dataset.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the advantages of introducing Factory Design
  • Discover why Multipond considered Factory Design
  • Learn how to identify the designs that will benefit from Factory Design
  • See firsthand industry scenarios and workflows with the live product demo
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