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Design for Zero and Beyond: Opportunities to Create Future-Relevant Solutions
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In this class we will discuss how the next 40 years will impact the future of humanity more than any previous years have. This session will survey solutions that are on the path to net-zero carbon, and we'll look at how the people making them created these solutions. You will hear from a futurism expert on the imperatives and opportunities in designing for zero.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • See the connection between design and the impact it can have on the world's most pressing challenges
  • Understand how latest technology supports those who are using design across any field to remake our world for the better
  • Learn how real-world solutions are being made and discover the role that your use of design can play
  • Understand how planetary constraints are a design or engineering parameter like any other, and how this awareness creates Solutions that can make a better future



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