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Lucas Museum of Narrative Art: Innovative Workflows for Delivering Complex Buildings
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This class will tell the complex story of delivering models and design drawings for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art currently under construction in Los Angeles, California. This flagship museum is pushing the boundaries of architectural design and delivery. Brendan Mullins of Stantec Architecture will explain the challenges of modeling and documenting the unique aesthetic of the building. He will share workflows for integrating Rhinoceros 3D and Revit software using computational design software Grasshopper and Dynamo. The intelligent model, a complex A360 Revit project, pushes the limits of what Revit can accomplish as a tool for fabrication of architectural components. The project didn’t have a printing budget, and was delivered paperless and coordinated using a combination of cloud-based platforms, including A360 and Bluebeam, while utilizing virtual reality and drawing tablets. Through examples and stories, Mr. Mullins will share the journey of delivering this innovative design.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Learn how to overcome the difficulties of delivering construction drawings for buildings with complex geometric forms
  • Learn how to integrate Rhinoceros 3D and Revit using Grasshopper and Dynamo
  • Learn how to coordinate and deliver designs digitally using cloud-based collaboration and virtual reality
  • Understand the challenges and workflows for architects delivering 3D models for fabrication



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