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Design Optimization of Aircraft Landing Gear using Generative Design.
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How cool it is to watch the Landing gears of an Aircraft getting retracted back to its resting position and opening during landing and taxing!
But a landing gear of an aircraft contributes to 20 percent of the total aircraft weight as they are very heavy and they should be as they have to support the entire aircraft weight while landing, takeoff, or taxing. So with this in mind, we’ve come out with an innovative solution of applying generative design to the aircraft landing gear for weight reduction and design optimization for drag reduction and more, so with this approach, we will be designing a landing gear in two variants in which we’ll apply generative design to one variant and second will be designed like the conventional landing gears and then we’ll 3D print both of them and we’ll take our models to wind tunnel and static structural testing. and then at last we will study and compare the performance of both the landing gears in various loads and wind tunnel conditions.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Learn about Designing Aircraft Landing Gear using Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • Learn about applying Generative Design to the designed Landing Gear for weight Reduction and Design Optimization.
  • Learn about 3D printing of two small scale landing gears with or without generative design applied for testing purpose.
  • Study and Compare the performance of landing gear with Generative Design applied under the various forces and factors.



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