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Multitask Machine Programming with Autodesk HSM—by Laurens Wijnschenk
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This class will cover the limits of Autodesk HSM software, especially regarding multitasking machines and 5-axis machining. With the use of Autodesk HSM, we can program these complicated machines really easily if we have some tricks and background. This background consists of machine kinematics, control, and the ways in which our CAM settings change the output of the code. After this class, attendees will be able to program mill-turn and multitasking machines, and they'll know what to look for when buying such a machine. Above all, attendees will learn that the limits of Autodesk HSM are much further away than people think. This is also a chance to meet that guy you may have seen on the Autodesk HSM Forums.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Learn how to program a multitasking machine like Mori-Seiki NTX or Doosan SMX3100
  • Understand what to look for in a multitasking machine and post processor
  • Learn how to change the CAM setting to get the desired output
  • Understand the actual limits of the software



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