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Roundtable    SM2195-R
A Roundtable Discussion: Collaboration Between Design and Simulation Today
Autodesk University
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At this roundtable session, we discuss how collaboration fits in the design and simulation processes. We want to learn how you collaborate and share data in your work environments and what tools, functionality, and information are important when designers, engineers, and simulation experts need to work together. We explore the latest versions of Fusion 360™ and Sim 360™ cloud services, their integration with Autodesk® 360 Pro, and how they are using the cloud and online data management. We will gather your feedback about the current capabilities and give you a chance to influence future improvements.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Participate in active discussions about collaborative workflows and data sharing in design and engineering teams
  • Provide insight into the needs of engineers and simulation experts working together
  • Preview the latest integration of Fusion 360 and Sim 360 with Autodesk 360 Pro
  • Influence future improvements to the integrated Autodesk 360 Pro data management and collaboration interface and workflows


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