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BIM 360: Navigating a Company-Wide Rollout
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This talk focuses on how and why Mercury Engineering streamlined 20 distinct construction software packages into one: BIM 360. With up to 20 different construction softwares in use across various projects, and the level of growth and expansion that has seen Mercury Engineering soar to a 2,500-employee business with an annual turnover of €600m, the need for one standard field software and process for all Mercury projects became a major goal within our company. Those 20 different construction softwares meant 20 different suppliers to deal with, resulting in higher costs, inconsistent reporting, and our construction teams having to learn new software and workflows when moving between projects. A working group was set up to look at streamlining the digital construction tools that were in use with a number of areas of interest identified, including the Standardisation of Construction Management Software. All possible solutions were evaluated over 8 functional criteria. Those functionality scores were then mapped against performance. The increase in functionality that we have seen from the BIM 360 platform over the past 12-18 months, coupled with the support systems that Autodesk have put in place with our customer success relationship, resulted in the clear selection of Autodesk BIM 360 as the preferred choice of Mercury Engineering. We will be discussing our company-wide rollout of BIM 360 to date including successes, teething issues and the development of custom integrations to meet the needs of all business units across the portfolio of Mercury Engineering.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Streamline your software solutions
  • Roll out BIM 360 to all levels of your organisation
  • Overcome rollout issues you may have with BIM 360




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