Lecture    CI1470
Under Pressure: Pressure Networks in AutoCAD Civil 3D
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Modeling a water distribution system has always been a tedious process. AutoCAD Civil 3D software offers tools that will greatly assist you with this process. For horizontal layout as well as vertical layout, Civil 3D can model just about any situation you will run into. In this class, we see how to create a 3D model of our water distribution system, edit the system to account for those design changes, and analyze it for design errors. Note that this class does not get into hydraulic analysis.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Explain the different parts of a pressure network in Civil 3D
  • Lay out a pressure network both horizontally and vertically
  • Edit pressure networks to account for design changes such as crossing utilities
  • Analyze the pressure network to find faults in the layout of the model



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