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How to Enlighten Normal People to 3D Printing and 3D Design
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Come to this informative session to learn from HoneyPoint3D (HP3D) how to foster and nurture embracing 3D printing and 3D design for the "non-technical" people in your lives or in your workplace. HP3D has launched Kickstarters around 3D design, taught over 5000 people 3D printing, and has been selected by Maker Media to write the book, Getting Started with 3D Printing. This session will give you techniques and insights on how to start or enhance 3D design-related activities in your workplace and your personal life. HP3D will teach you quick and effective 3D techniques (using free Autodesk, Inc., software) that are the "low-hanging fruit" to position yourself as a creative 3D expert in your sphere of personal or workplace influence. HP3D will also share our insights into corporate engagements to help attendees figure out how to bring more 3D design into their businesses without jeopardizing the chances of 3D acceptance taking hold.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the free Autodesk tools that people can pick up easily
  • Walk away with a project that you can bring to your workplace to foster 3D awareness
  • Discover how enhancing your own 3D skills can have positive resume-building effects for professional development
  • Learn how to formulate a strategy for broadening 3D printing acceptance in your professional or personal life


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