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Generative Design for Simple Lightweighting on an Electric Hypercar
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Sometimes less is more. Lightweighting components helps us use less material, improve efficiency, and reduce waste. MH Development Engineering Ltd (MHDE) specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of components within the automotive industry. The company’s design philosophy has always been that keeping components and systems as simple as possible leads to the most aesthetic and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. This class by MHDE and Autodesk will cover how to apply generative design to lightweight an automotive component that will be part of the active aerodynamics assembly on an electric hypercar. We will follow the story of the design, development, and manufacture of a single part within an assembly—all inside Fusion 360 from start to finish—with a focus on how we were able to constrain generative design to come up with a simple, manufacturable, and cost-effective part suitable for production at volume.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Learn how to utilize Fusion 360 as a product development platform for optimization and lightweighting
  • Learn how to apply manufacturability constraints to drive generative outcomes toward ideal shapes for CNC machining
  • Learn how to analyze generative outcomes and apply manual design changes
  • Discover the advantages of lightweighting for improved sustainability and performance



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