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Dynamo: Generative Modeling with T-Splines
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Generative design is a process that enables you to develop and explore an entire space of plausible designs at an unprecedented speed, yielding new and unimagined results. As an approach to problem solving, generative design combines big-picture processes and abstract thinking to unlock creativity and drive product innovation. This session will focus on the unique generative-design capabilities made possible with the Dynamo extension, a platform for visual programming, and T-Splines. Attendees will learn quick and more efficient workflows, using simple primitives and symmetry operations, to create complex geometry ready for rapid prototyping. Additionally, we will cover best practices for importing and exporting data from/to Alias software and Alias SpeedForm software. This session features Dynamo Studio and Alias SpeedForm. AIA Approved

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Learn how to create a Dynamo graph using T-Splines geometry
  • Learn how to extend Dynamo functionality using the Package Manager
  • Learn how to export a Dynamo data set for further concept development in Alias SpeedForm
  • Learn how to export a Dynamo data set for rapid prototyping


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