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Roundtable    UT2426-R
The Whole Solution, From Design to Operation
Autodesk University
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This roundtable session provides an overview and demonstration of the complete Autodesk® solution that was implemented at Grant Public Utility District (PUD). The PUD generates, transmits, and distributes electric power and fiber connectivity for Grant County, Washington. In this class, you learn how Autodesk products and services have been put to work to implement a complete end-to-end utility solution. Learn how the Grant PUD uses AutoCAD® Utility Design software, AutoCAD® Map 3D mapping software, and Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server software integrated with Autodesk Global Services consulting offerings for fiber management and field computing. The solution includes construction design, mapping, maintenance and field operations, and integration with in-house systems such as its customer information system and finance system. The class provides detailed examples and discussion of each major component of the system and a live demonstration of AutoCAD Utility Design and Map 3D data integration as well as the Map 3D fiber solution and the mobile mapping application.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • List and describe the construction design software used at Grant PUD
  • Explain how GIS software is used at a utility
  • Integrate construction and GIS software
  • Implement a complete utility solution



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