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Enhanced Integration: Connecting the Disjointed Lifecycle of the AEC/O Industry
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With the goal of providing the best patient care at lowest cost, Mercy (one of the top five U.S. health systems) selected our Team for Project Delivery. Coupled with traditional A/E Design, we are also in charge of developing and managing VDC workflows aimed at shortening the Schedule, reducing Cost, and optimizing Turn-over. We developed Enhanced Integration (EI), aiming to connect the entire Lifecycle. In addition to managing VDC workflows, EI also includes Asset Data Management, targeting an IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) implementation. With more than 2,000 employees across all Mercy support departments using the unified platform, the projected operational savings are staggering. EI has evolved over 3 years and 8 projects totaling more than $500 Million in Construction. This class will focus on best practices for delivering complex healthcare projects and showcase BIM360 Team and Collaboration for Revit as the main tools for connecting the entire Project Team.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Understand how to leverage technology to better connect project delivery teams during the project lifecycle
  • Discern and manage Facility Data from design and construction through Turn-Over
  • Develop workflows that target reduction of effort duplication and increased benefit to all stakeholders
  • Recognize process efficiencies to become more effective during the Lifecycle of a project


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