You know that AU is an investment in you and your company’s future. You know all the opportunities it offers to learn, network, and explore, and how it can help your entire team. But how can you convince your manager to send you, and pick up the tab?

Below you’ll find a cost calculator and sample email copy to help. (Note that the prices in the calculator are estimates. Update the amounts based on airfares from your location.)


Share this PDF with your boss and colleagues to let them know what AU is all about.

Cost calculator


Sample email

Hi [insert manager's name],

Have you heard about AU, Autodesk University? It’s Autodesk’s annual learning conference. It takes place in Las Vegas, November 12-15, 2018.

AU has been around for 25 years and what I learn there can help our entire company be more productive and competitive.

It’s 4 days packed with 700+ sessions of learning, networking, and exploring including keynotes, hands-on labs, industry talks, meetups, product demos, free Certification exams, and much more.

As an AU attendee, I’ll be able to:

  • Learn from product teams, see product roadmaps, and prepare for upcoming changes to the tools we use.
  • Gain speed and efficiency by learning from experts using new workflows and tools.
  • Meet with industry leaders.
  • Learn how our company can implement the latest technology faster.
  • Connect with others solving the same challenges we are.
  • Help us stay competitive, and see shifts in our industry before our competitors.
  • Talk with Autodesk leadership.
  • Influence product features in feedback sessions.
  • Take Autodesk Certification exams free (over 1,500 attendees took exams at AU last year).
  • Bring lessons back to the office, with class handouts and recordings.

The total cost is approximately $X,XXX for X days (including the conference pass, hotel, flight, etc.). You can see more about it on the AU Las Vegas website.

Think it over and let me know if we can discuss this at our next 1:1 meeting.

[Your name]

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