Transforming from Construction to Production

Transforming from Construction to Production

MACE’s Matt Gough shares how his company is fundamentally changing the way they build buildings


MACE is the company behind London’s Eye, Olympic Park, The Shard, and the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Their latest innovation is centered on a twin tower housing project providing 480 homes to Londoners. By adding two mobile fabrication facilities to the top, each the size of the Tower of London and weighing 600 tons, they were able to turn the dangerous construction site into a factory floor, saving time, labor, money, and increasing safety and productivity. In this keynote from AU London, MACE’s Director of Innovation Matt Gough explores this project and the company’s efforts to lead the digital transformation of the construction industry toward greater sustainability.

About the speaker

Matt Gough is the director of innovation at MACE, where he oversees a department of over 45 bidders and instills a culture of innovation through the business. He’s been with MACE for eight years and holds a degree in Film Studies and Applied Computing from the University of Kent.

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