Modular Construction for Healthcare | Chris Giattina

Modular Construction for Healthcare

By prefabricating entire rooms in their factory, BLOX is moving from Architecture/Engineering/Construction toward Design/Manufacture/Build. Chris Giattina shares their story and the possibilities it creates for healthcare.


Instead of building bespoke structures from rough materials, BLOX is taking a modular approach to construction for healthcare. It prefabricates entire rooms for hospitals and medical centers in its Alabama factory, then ships them to the building site for assembly. They started with bathrooms, then moved to complete trauma centers, labs, and lobbies. Now they’re working on a 175-bed hospital that will be 90% prefabricated, enabling them to build the facility in Reno, Nevada where construction labor is scarce. Chris Giattina, CEO of BLOX, shares the company’s process.

About the speaker

Chris Giattina is the CEO of BLOX and president of Giattina Aycock Architecture Studio. His focus is on bringing a manufacturing mindset to construction to get industrial levels of productivity.

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