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Crossing the Data-Driven Chasm

Crossing the Data-Driven Chasm

If data is more precious than oil, what will you do with it? Bill Allen of EvolveLAB has a few suggestions.


BIM has always generated massive amounts of data, but in the early years of adoption, people didn’t do much with it: a door schedule, a sheet index, a set of drawings. Then came Dynamo, and more became possible. And things are just getting started, according to Bill Allen, CEO and president of EvolveLAB. In the future, we’ll design in ways that are truly driven by data, using generative design to suggest solutions that solve for multiple variables at once and machine learning to interrogate those solutions and help you select what’s best. Welcome to a world where everything can be optimized, evolutionary problem solving is a standard tool, and data is more precious than oil.

About the speaker

Bill Allen is CEO and president of EvolveLAB, Disrupt Repeat, and On Point Scans. These firms synergistically help architects, engineers, and contractors optimize the built environment. He has over 15 years of experience managing technology for buildings in the AEC industry. He has been a keynote speaker and featured speaker at multiple events, and he led the most-watched Autodesk University talk ever, The Future of BIM Will Not Be BIM, and It's Coming Faster Than You Think. Bill has also co-founded The Bare Roots Foundation, a nonprofit organization that believes each human being deserves the right to basic needs including shelter, food, and clean drinking water.

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