Technical Support

Need help? We’ve compiled a few resources to help you solve common issues. Please reference the information provided below. If your issue remains unresolved, contact us at


I just created my Autodesk Account and am not able to sign in.
It takes a few minutes for your new account to replicate across all our systems. Please wait five minutes and try to sign in again. Check out these resources for more help.

I have an issue connecting to a class Q&A.
Try running a system test using this link to diagnose any issues.

I have an issue connecting to a roundtable, meet-up, panel, or other activity.
These sessions are hosted on Zoom. Review the Zoom system requirements before trying to access any of these session types.

What are the recommended technical requirements for attending AU 2020?
Review this list of technical recommendations for the AU 2020 conference site.

I see a black screen instead of the live video stream of the General Session and Industry Keynotes.

  • Check that IBM Watson Media content is not blocked by an ad blocker, firewall, or filtered on your local network. Particularly if you are watching at a school or in a corporate environment, it’s possible that a firewall or content filter is blocking IBM Watson Media content.
  • If you have any ad blockers installed, disable those in your browser.
  • If you can talk to your network administrator or control it yourself, this article explains which ports need to be enabled to allow IBM Watson Media viewing and broadcasting through your firewall.
  • If you’re using a VPN, try disabling the VPN and viewing while not connected with a VPN.
  • View additional resources.

There’s an echo or secondary audio coming from my computer while I'm watching a video.

  • You may be hearing audio from another source on your computer. For example, you have the same content playing on Twitter while you’re also watching it on the AU 2020 website.
  • You might be watching another video on the web and that is playing at the same time as the AU 2020 broadcast. Make sure that all open Internet browser windows and tabs on your computer are closed or muted prior to viewing your desired content.
  • View additional resources.

I don't hear anything while watching a video.

  • First, check that the device you’re watching the video on has the sound turned on and the volume is turned up. You can check this by navigating to your device’s audio settings. You can also play another video to test whether you can hear audio through your computer speakers or headphones.
  • Second, make sure there is no physical mute button enabled on your audio device.
  • Last, if you’re in a Zoom meeting, make sure you’ve selected the correct audio device using the arrow next to the mute button located at the bottom left of the Zoom window.