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Building Engineering
Case Study
The application of BIM, Generative Design and IoT in assets management
Class ID: BES502298
Product(s): Forge, Revit
Topics: Automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Construction Management, Data Management, Generative Design

Session Description

In an extremely complex context, where more than 324 million pieces of aluminum forms are designed and managed every day by the largest construction company of residential towers in Latin America, a solution emerges that uses the full potential of BIM and Generative Design allied with the Internet of Things to manage the process intelligently.
The solution, developed for MRV&CO by Generativo in partnership with SENAI, automates the process of generating the aluminum forms design and unifies the consultation of inventories spread across warehouses in Brazil, reducing about 95% of the designer's work and saving thousands of hours.
The physical identification of these assets is done by mobile devices through RFID identifiers attached to the parts of the form, which, when integrated with the management process through the internet and the cloud, gives managers the centralized information necessary for better decision making.

Learning Objectives

  1. Use of Revit automation API
  2. Connection of BIM, Generative Design and IoT
  3. Design and management of aluminum forms
  4. Data-oriented management

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