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Using Vault Automation to Deliver Digital Transformation
Class ID: MFG501342
Product(s): Inventor, Vault Office, Vault Professional, Vault Workgroup
Topics: CAD Management, Digital Transformation, Product Design, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Session Description

Throughout the different stages of our design process other people and systems need to access aspects of our data in various forms to interact and communicate and carry out their activities. In a traditional vault environment much of that data transformation, notification and handshaking will begin as a manual process that requires time and effort to control. Time and resource that impacts design and innovation. This session will aim to show what can be done with Vault as the platform and how a no code solution can help transform your process quickly and easily.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what triggers exist in vault and how you can hook on to them
  2. Realise where vault can digitally transform your design control process
  3. See how automation can be achieved without needing any coding skills.
  4. Understand how process automation can remove administration overheads

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