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Industrial Machinery
Technical Instruction
Understanding Vault Security – Scalable control for secure external access
Class ID: IM501465
Product(s): Vault Office, Vault PLM, Vault Professional
Topics: CAD Management, Data Management, Document Management, IT Management, Product Design

Session Description

In this class we will be looking at different ways that users connect to our vault and the security setup within.
With the introduction of the new Vault Gateway service companies using vault have new opportunities to bring 3rd parties into their environments.  This however has challenges with setting up effective Vault security setup to maintain data integrity.

This session with look at the different ways that users can now connect to Vault and cover the ins and outs of Vault security.  How to set this to provide an easy scalable solution for access and control and avoid the pitfalls.  We will also be looking at additional security needs and how adding automation allows further security control during our processes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how vault security works
  2. Understand how to setup Vault in an scalable manor with the aim to control internal and external access effectively
  3. Understand how to connect to vault externally via Gateway.
  4. Understand the other connection methods for external access to vault.

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