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Technical & Adaptive Challenges of Migrating to Autodesk Construction Cloud
Class ID: SD502852
Product(s): Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect, Autodesk Docs, BIM 360 Docs, Forge
Topics: Automation, Data Management, Document Management, Software Development, Sustainability

Session Description

The process of migrating project files to the Autodesk Construction Cloud from sharepoint, Procore, network servers, and other platforms, is unique for each organization. Successful adoption by your team requires solving technical and adaptive challenges. Through workflows built on Forge and Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect the process can be automated, but these technical and adaptive challenges require planning and customization to overcome.

This session will focus on the technologies and workflows that will move your project data and team members to ACC. Attention to things to consider, common issues and limitations when migrating will be discussed. Understanding why and what to move to ACC in addition to project access and folder permissions security structure is critical when planning the move to ACC. This discussion is for business leaders, IT, and BIM technical experts considering migration of project data and teams to ACC.

Learning Objectives

  1. Plan your migration from a combination of other platforms to ACC
  2. Choose technologies and workflows that will automate the migration of your data and teams to ACC
  3. Identify common issues and limitations that will impact your migration to ACC
  4. Solve your migration's unique technical and adaptive challenges, and know when you are ready to migrate

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