Building Owners
Industry Talk
A Strategic Technological Implementation Journey Toward Net-Zero
Class ID: BLD501538
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Topics: Building Design, Building Operations, Construction Management, Simulation and Analysis, Sustainability

Session Description

Reducing carbon emissions has become one of the most urgent objectives in the worldwide fight against climate change, making it one of the most critical metrics for the AECO business, where buildings account for over 40% of annual global GHG emissions, therefore providing our industry with the most significant impact potential. With owners becoming more aware of the benefits of net-zero buildings, organizations are navigating new standards, technologies, and workflows to stay compliant while also distinguishing themselves from the competition. Adoption will be dependent on integrating these techniques into daily routines to avoid disruption. This talk will offer a roadmap that includes a variety of toolsets, as well as standards and workflows, to help with energy and carbon performance feedback from the design to the operational phases. The roadmap can be used by small businesses and project teams to customize the most efficient way to reach their net-zero goal.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define the impact of a building's life cycle and what net-zero emission means.
  2. Become familiar with the tools, standards, and workflows that can help with carbon and energy performance prediction.
  3. Gain knowledge of solutions for reducing embodied and operational carbon from the design to the operational stages.
  4. Assess the importance and influence of presented tools and workflow.

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