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Simulate In AutoCAD: Optimize Factory Layouts With ProModel AutoCAD Edition

Session Description

Autodesk tools are the most prevalent tools for spatially accurate layouts. However, that does not ensure the process will meet customer demand. Nor does it guarantee the layout meets cost, labor, inventory, or other objectives.
That’s where ProModel AutoCAD Edition shines. It provides process simulation inside AutoCAD. After completing an AutoCAD drawing, quickly and easily transform it into a digital twin simulation model, without programming.
The model helps you optimize factory processes in order to meet all production objectives. Once optimized, you know the factory will meet its goals and that it fits within the spatial design since AutoCAD was used to create the layout. Finally, using ProModel 3D Animator, Autodesk Inventor, and Forge, visualize the process and layout running over time in 3D.
We will show how this new product saves designers and engineers hours and prevents costly mistakes and unnecessary expenses by proving everything in a virtual environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Build a ProModel factory simulation model in AutoCAD
  2. Define and run comparative process performance scenarios in AutoCAD
  3. Create reports and dashboards to facilitate analyzing and optimizing the model
  4. Render a 3D version of the model in ProModel 3D Animator, Autodesk Inventor and Forge

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