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The SLC Airport Expansion BIM/VDC Coordination Process: Lessons Learned

Session Description

This session is based on a case study involving Austin Commercial and the Salt Lake City International Airport Expansion, by using a cloud-based issue tracking platform this project achieved a 99% issue resolution rate.
Austin Commercial had previously worked on the Tampa Bay Airport project using a traditional project spreadsheet to manage and track issue assignments and knew that way of working would not allow them to meet the aggressive timeline. The team at Austin Commercial was looking for an issue tracking solution that would provide more accountability and facilitate better collaboration on the project with all the project stakeholders. With so many collaborators, they needed a single source of truth. Austin Commercial decided to implement BIM Track on the Salt Lake City North Concourse project, enabling them to streamline their coordination process with a single log-in, see a centralized list of issues, and view issues in their own authoring software for a quick resolution.

Learning Objectives

  1. 1. Streamlined coordination process using issue tracking platform integrated with Navisworks.
  2. 2. Improved project communication using centralized repository connected to authoring tools.
  3. 3. Achieve accountability and transparency on issues through detailed issue history.
  4. 4. Enhanced coordination practices thought detailed project data and metrics.

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