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Revit Utopic City, giving life to Architectural Dreams and creativity

Session Description

Revit Utopic City, the history of the birth of 2 huge cities based on the maps of Roma and Milan and designed in BIM. Emmanuel Di Giacomo, Architect and AEC Evangelist at Autodesk, awarded by Prince Charles Foundation for the beauty of his drawings and projects and a true Utopia Projects creator, wanted to give life to his utopic cities and buildings dreams and show to the International AEC professionals world that BIM could be synonym of creativity, dreams and complexity, especially with Revit.
After creating his first city based on the plan of Roma, completely imagined and modeled with Revit, he decided to give birth to Milan Utopic City. With more than 86,700 Likes from all over the world, it created a real passion for its followers who often wonder how this kind of creations are possible.
Through various examples, you'll discover the cities and the modeling techniques in Revit and rendering approaches that were used to achieve those creative goals & amazing spaces and architecture.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to create a creative and complex city and most of his components from an Architect perspective
  2. Learn how to use Revit to create some complex shapes
  3. Learn how to set up and use rendering technologies to obtain some amazing clay rendering images
  4. Learn how to have no more fears in creativity with Revit

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