Technical Instruction
Revit: How to Coordinate and Review Models with Filters and View Templates
Class ID: AS501491
Product(s): Revit
Topics: Automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Document Management, Model Coordination

Session Description

There are many uses for coordinators to review the model made by your team, just by using regular tools in Revit: filters and view templates with colors.

That way, we could, visually, find errors on your models and how to:

>Find erros on wall buildings;
>Check the area rooms;
>Check the room and ceilings height;
>Check the wall coverings are all correct;
>Find if you have sufficient windows or furniture in your rooms;
>Find out your ceilings are correctly placed on right heights;
>Review any construction element type;
>Review as built items;
>And much, much more...

You can do that and test an infinite possibility to check everything we want with just a few clicks, just applying view templates to many views at once for checking, printing ou presentation purposes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover the power of View Templates for coordination purposes
  2. Learn how to automate model visual coordination
  3. Have ideas on using those automation
  4. Find out a faster way to find model errors

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