Instructional Demo
Reflected Ceiling Plan Coordination With Generative Design

Session Description

Coordinating a ceiling layout that is packed with lighting, sprinklers, smoke detectors. mechanical air diffusers and grilles is a tough job that is plagued with contradicting objectives between architects and electrical and mechanical engineers. With computational design, a holistic set of rules can be defined by the team to find the best design option solution. This session will explore this idea by using generative design to coordinate MEPF elements within a ceiling. We will start by exploring methods for gathering Revit’s ceiling geometry and aligning elements to the ceiling grids using Dynamo. Next, we will take things to the next level by building a Generative Design in Revit workflow that coordinates all the MEPF elements within a ceiling. Architects and engineers will leave inspired and gain an understanding of the buzz behind generative design and how to leverage this new way of thinking to disrupt the current design process.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore how to access Revit’s API with Dynamo.
  2. Create geometrical algorithms with Dynamo.
  3. Identify how to define rules and measure success for generative design analysis.
  4. Apply generative design for MEP coordination.

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