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Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities
Case Study
Reducing Risks in Complex Cargo Handling through Virtual Simulations
Class ID: ENR502138
Product(s): Inventor, Navisworks
Topics: 3D Animation and VFX, Building Design, Oil & Gas

Session Description

Imagine moving large loads on a unit 200 km offshore. What if an accident happens? And if it is needed any auxiliary equipment? We can not lose time and money.Cargo handling for maintenance in an FPSO is a big challenge, in special due to tight spaces. The 3D simulations are helping to define the way to carry out the activity and perform risk analysis. With tools modeled at scale in Inventor, we do several simulations in Navisworks, with a multidisciplinary team, to evaluate the best way to carry out the activity. The 3D simulations reduced our approval times to carry out activities in the field, in addition to being used to train the executing team, bringing greater security. We will bring some real case studies to show the entire process of running the simulations and their use.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to improve productivity, reduce rework and time waste cargo handling operations.
  2. Implement 3D simulations in the cargo handling planning
  3. Explain how to use Inventor together with Navisworks to make simulations effective
  4. Implement strategies to develop a simulation in navisworks

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