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The Programming Kit - How to get Started Programming in Dynamo

Session Description

Python is the fastest growing general programming language in the world and you can use it in Dynamo. The Python nodes give you the full functionality of editing your own code in Dynamo and running it as part of a script. With this tool you can automate day to day work that regular nodes can’t do. This session will show you how to use, modify and run your scripts using the Python node. Learn how to create your own Python nodes to sort data lists, edit model geometry, write elements to Revit and communicate with the Revit API for added customization. Take your Dynamo scripts further with Python and realize the full potential of visual scripting with coding.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how the Python Node in Dynamo works and how to modify it
  2. Learn how to run Python code in Dynamo with variables and functions
  3. Create new tools for your projects using Dynamo scripts and Python to expand what’s possible in your code
  4. Understand how to debug and fix problems in your Python code when you have errors

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