Technical Instruction
Optimized EIR delivery: data workflow management for IFC based validation
Class ID: CS502102
Product(s): Dynamo Studio, Revit
Topics: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Data Management, Digital Delivery, Digital Transformation, Quality Management

Session Description

For years, the Metropolitan Company of São Paulo (CMSP) has been implementing change towards BIM-forward projects. The redevelopment of São Joaquim Metro Station is CMSP’s first experience under a redesigned contract framework, which is expected to improve the understanding of information management among all parties through a structured EIR and an IFC based validation process.

Having data integrity as a key element, a tool based workflow was designed with a customized database in Autodesk's Standardized Data Tool, allowing designers to quickly apply the client's classification system into the model elements, followed by a simple routine in Dynamo to populate the additional information already set by Key Schedules, such as the IFCExportAs parameter. Aided by custom checksets in Autodesk's Model Checker, the appointed parties are able to promptly correct any missing data and focus on design strategies, as opposed to devoting hours in repetitive manual tasks prone to human error.

Learning Objectives

  1. Set a custom database in Autodesk Standardized Data Tool for Revit
  2. Implement simple Dynamo routines to perform repetitive tasks
  3. Create key schedules for automating data input
  4. Set custom checksets in Autodesk Model Checker for Revit

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