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Online communities as a new source of knowledge: AGN leader's experience

Session Description

Over the past few years, some countries have developed a unique ecosystem of online communities with thousands of members. These are mainly group chats in messenger (Telegram, Whatsapp) and groups in social networks (facebook, vk). Chats and groups are dedicated to one or more software products or design areas, and you can ask questions of different levels of technical complexity, and almost instantly get answers from more experienced participants. You can also offer your services or find a contractor to work with. The size of chats is from 10 to 30,000 participants, the number of messages per day in some cases exceeds several hundred, and the total number of chats and groups is several hundred. Participation in them is an ongoing autodesk university all year round, and the report shows both links to specific groups, as well as general rules and patterns of obtaining knowledge in them

Learning Objectives

  1. Search for a suitable online community to get a quick answer to a specific question
  2. Build their own online community for sharing expertise and professional networking
  3. Develop their own professional brand throw the internet
  4. Find a new world of continuing education through communication with colleagues from all over the world

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