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”One” Click VR and AR from Inventor.
Class ID: MFG501479
Product(s): Inventor
Topics: AR, VR, XR, and Reality Capture, Cloud Collaboration, Digital Factory, Digital Twin, Sustainability

Session Description

In today’s time pressed and restricted travel scenario using VR and AR can save companies enormous amounts of time. When looking at your design in a collaborative virtual world together with all stakeholders you can identify and correct issues instantly in the same session.
This makes it possible not only to show what you are doing but also gives everyone instant access to the changes, thus saving time for all involved. No follow up sessions are needed to look at the changes.
Using the collaborative features in Sovelia Visualizer enables people access to the same session and collaborate simultaneously from anywhere in the world, remotely. This reduces travel time and cost down to minimum - and that’s good for the environment and time/money equation.
To make all of this work the transition from VR and AR from Inventor has to be very fast and simple. No waiting for the expert to convert and adapt the models. One click in Inventor and open in the VR viewer and off you go!

Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding the advantages of utilizing VR and AR in your design process
  2. Know how to move data from Inventor to VR and AR in seconds.
  3. Be able to use your Inventor models to collaborate interactively
  4. Understand how VR and AR Can help you save time when interacting with stakeholders

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