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Civil Engineering
Case Study
Next Step on Earthwork Planning: reality capture and digital engineering
Class ID: CES501436
Product(s): Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Navisworks, ReCap Pro
Topics: AR, VR, XR, and Reality Capture, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Data Management, Field Management, Simulation and Analysis

Session Description

Earthwork activities have always been challenging to track and predict in a Project. Collecting progress data in this kind of activity is usually based on methods that result in imprecise data, such as topographic measuring and interpolation. This imprecise data interferes not only in the actual progress but also in the calculated effort to complete the task, which can impact cost and time estimations. Another factor that largely influences construction is the weather, which is the source of different variables that can directly impact outside activities.

Motivated by this scenario, we developed an innovative process that integrates all variables mentioned before. Using UAV to capture field reality, processing it into a point cloud on ReCap Pro, Infraworks, and Civil 3D, we extract precise data and combine it with weather information. This integrative process aims to mitigate traditional imprecisions and support data-driven decisions.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to capture reality using UAV Drones and convert it to a Point Cloud using ESRI SiteScan.
  2. Explore Point Cloud processing workflow using ReCap Pro and Infraworks, generating a surface on Civil 3D
  3. Find out how to extract quantities on Civil 3D by comparing different surfaces and relating them to weather information.
  4. Understand how to calculate actual productivity and future trends based on precise data.

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