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New Simulation plug-in for AutoCAD Improves Facility Layouts and Processes

Session Description

More than ever before, facilities are going through radical changes–both in processes and in physical layouts. Regardless of the production process, typically there are many variables that are not considered when designing a line or facility in CAD – which can add up to disaster after line startup. The key is finding these problems early and fixing them when it is inexpensive – rather than on the floor when it is expensive and disruptive. For 30 years, ProModel Corporation has been helping companies improve their core processes. Through our partnership with Autodesk, we provide discrete-event simulation tools and are uniquely positioned to help companies better understand and optimize their current and future processes. This session will explore several of ProModel’s current process success stories - and how ProModel’s integration with AutoCAD and Factory Design Utilities empower all involved to streamline the design of optimal Processes & Layouts while reducing risk and costs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Design optimal processes and factory layouts with AutoCAD and ProModel Simulation
  2. Identify and eliminate costly process problems during design, vs after the line is bought, installed and running
  3. Compare current process productivity vs multiple future “what if” options
  4. Collaborate with designers and engineers to ensure an optimal factory design before construction.

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