Building Engineering
Case Study
Multi-family construction project and logistics using AI
Class ID: BES501566
Product(s): Revit
Topics: Building Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Construction Management, Digital Twin, Structural Engineering and Design

Session Description

Explore how a multi-family construction project was optimized in Revit using Artificial Intelligence by integrating the design process with the entire logistics chain from local stock facilities to construction sites. This case study will explore all requirements for a successful project leveraging Revit and aluminum forms logistics. The case will also present the design challenges involving external factors like logistics, costs, asset management, maintenance, construction schedules, simultaneous construction sites and how we provide engineers a consistent tool for creating and managing these projects.

Learning Objectives

  1. Revit programming
  2. Aluminum forms logistics
  3. Artificial Intelligence problems
  4. Integrating Revit with external processes

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