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Maximize your ROI by Rethinking Design Technology
Class ID: AS500237
Product(s): None
Topics: Digital Transformation, IT Management, Software Training

Session Description

The way technology is applied to building design is ever changing, with new trends and buzz words coming into play daily – the ‘new thing’ of today is passé tomorrow, and yet somehow the shiny new software usually has roots which predate it’s primary users. Too often this environment puts undo stress on design technology teams who are too often serving triple duty as innovators, educators, and helpdesk support. This overburdening of staff prevents experimentation that enables the identification and adoption of new tools, techniques, and applications of new technology.

This session will look at the purpose of design technology, reviewing historical applications have helped evolve industries, and transform businesses. Various frameworks for adopting and managing experimentation with tools at individual and organizational levels will be reviewed, providing a deeper look into the current ‘hot’ technologies in architecture and design today.

Learning Objectives

  1. Enable your design technology team to explore techniques which will enable teams
  2. Equip your organization with processes and skills to adapt to ever changing technologies
  3. Coach end users to leverage new tools and workflows within their daily work
  4. Plan investment strategies to ensure coverage in the areas which will matter the most

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