Case Study
Link resources from BIM models to the field
Class ID: CS502672
Product(s): Navisworks, Revit
Topics: Automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Data Management, Field Management

Session Description

The power of the information contained in BIM models comes to enable model users to fulfill their objectives through this data. In order to enable this, the way models are created, and how information is sent to users is very important.
One of the great uses of the models is the extraction of quantities, in this way, we aim to interconnect the code data that identifies the materials that will be provisioned to the field with the BIM models, this gives us reliability, traceability and agility in the use of this information in order to provide materials that have their quantity extracted from the model to the work site.
In our Company, reliability and competitivity are cultural values, so, we use all the data power from BIM models. We want to improve the human habitat, we build virtually, and we make decisions with reliable data, this is BIM in Rôgga.

Learning Objectives

  1. Create data in BIM Models
  2. Quantity take off from BIM Models
  3. Manage data in BIM Models
  4. BIM Modeling techniques

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