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The Lazy Girls' Guide To Revit

Session Description

Are you able to leverage the capabilities of Revit (versions forevermore, especially 2022) as you would like to? Join this conversation (spiced with true war stories) about some of our favorite workflows, shortcuts, plug ins, resources, and tips and tricks, as methods to enhance your deliverables and dial up your productivity.

One of the challenges of the Revit (from 2022 to versions going back in time) is the number of ways to accomplish the same objectives. We will talk about tricks to resolve curve balls in model, view, family and annotation management and creation. Other topics of the conversation will be keystroke tricks, OOTB and custom keyboard shortcuts; simple macros (and Revit Macro IDE). A Segway to the conversation will be tools to get the best performance of file based and cloudshared projects in Revit; interoperability between Revit and other software like AutoCAD and ReCap; and system configuration tweaks to optimize Revit performance even in the latest version.

Learning Objectives

  1. Quickest, easiest workflows to expedite repetitive tasks
  2. Address challenges of the software up to the most current version
  3. Boost performance of Revit through model optimization and system configuration
  4. Explore OOTB, in-software and out-of-software tools to enhance Revit workflows and problem resolution

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