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From Inventor to Plant 3D - Isometric Drawings made easy
Class ID: PM501613
Product(s): AutoCAD Plant 3D, Inventor
Topics: CAD Management, Mechanical Design, Plant Design, Product Design, Sustainability

Session Description

This class will explore the generation of Tube and Pipe designs in Inventor using inbuilt and add-on modules, including Tube and Pipe, to automate generation of designs. We will also look at Plant3D's abilities including generating Isometric drawings.
We will walk through the generation of Tube and Pipe data in Inventor talking through the requirement to move to Plant 3D to generate Isometric drawings; a key requirement of many plant designs. By automating the creation of deliverables and reducing repetitive tasks we should see how our Inventor designs can be harnessed to support design automation and Isometric workflows, allowing the creation of runs and generation of drawings in Plant 3D.
Using add-ons in Inventor to better organize Tube and Pipe designs, control specifications and reduce conflicting standards within the same organization. Change piping standards easily and more efficiently as well.

Learning Objectives

  1. Have a better understanding of connected workflows between Inventor and Plant 3D.
  2. Be able to design and generate Tube and Pipe Models within Inventor and generate Isometric Drawings through Plant 3D
  3. Generate Isometrics, Cut lengths and a BOM list using a set template, that can be reset if needed.
  4. Control Pipe specifications centrally and switch between different standards more easily and efficiently.

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